The policy of Airon Marine is to build a unique boat for every client, which embodies high quality Italian craftsmanship while also respecting the personality and needs of the user. 

Each Airon boat is different from any other: each one has unique and unmistakable touches and features agreed upon at the design stage together with our research and development team. Paolo Molinari's long experience in the sector, together with partnerships with top suppliers to the international boating industry, help to ensure maximum satisfaction for the end client. Airon Marine can also design special made-to-measure boats for its customers, constructing a new mould from scratch to meet the specific demands of the buyer.


Airon Marine designs its boats with the use of sophisticated 3D modelling software, building on the experience of Paolo Molinari in the world of competition boats and pleasure craft.

All the latest models have been cut to design with a CNC mill, using a five-axis milling machine.

During its many years of operation, Airon Marine has built boats of every kind: from working vessels to competition boats and pleasure craft. We have built craft with triple inboard-outboard motors, competition boats with quad outboard motors, racing boats with three- and four-point hulls and boats with Levi or Arneson transmission systems. In 2006, the Airon 425 pleasure craft was selected by Volvo Penta to present its IPS propulsion system to the world, and for this reason Airon is still numbered as one of "Volvo Penta's privileged partners".

Our company is renowned for its high-performance hulls, based on improvements in design initiated in 1976. These allow the craft to glide smoothly and easily through the waves, making the use of trim tabs effectively redundant. For the design side of the business, Airon Marine has its own design department which follows trends in style and construction and works to develop the range, making use of advanced technologies and incorporating the very latest materials.

To enhance the hydrodynamic profiles of our hulls and to optimise weight distribution, our technical office also collaborates with external studios equipped with structural analysis and advanced fluid dynamics software.