AIRON MARINE 235 -2020

AIRON 235-2020

Airon 235 - 2020

The 2020 edition of our best seller Airon 235 is ready!!

Following the models of our boat range, the classic colors of the boat are improved in terms of brightness thanks to a new formula of gelcoat.

Among the many innovations, the folding bimini, that recalls the Amx range, is the most significant: it is very easy to fix on board because you have only to totate the arch of stainless steel.

An innovative hatch and new upholstery for cushions are introduced.

Volvo engine V6-280 of 280 hp with DPS transmission gives high performance and comfort on board, letting you reach the maximum speed of 44 kts.

The versions with V6-240 and V6-200 are available; otherwise, you can choose Mercury 4.5 engine of 200 or 250 hp. For speed lovers, it is possible to install V8 engine.

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